Our Values

Our three core values

Beyond the professional competence, enthusiasm and passion from the men who compose Aquila Welding, we strive to develop a corporate culture based on three core values.




  • Imperatives

    With the establishment of standard process that we developped and implemented internally, we guarantee our clients a “premium” level of service, regardless of the team members in charge of the project.

    In addition to this methodological approach, we develop a corporate culture that encourages our engineers to adapt to the needs of each client, in the context of a zero-defect quality.

  • Initiative Spirit

    The engineers we recruit share our frame of mind and respect our motto “A challenge every day.” Their motivation and personal involvement ensures a quality of service which excels beyond the usual standards.

  • Team Management

    In addition to the technical skills of each of our employees, we develop a team spirit. It allows us to share common goals and ensure our clients complete satisfaction of the mission, in accordance with the deadlines and the terms of a win-win agreement that we define with them.

  • Our Quality-Environment Policy

    Quality-Environment Policy document (PDF file in French – 467kb)