Our Vision

Aquila innovator in engineering

A new vision of engineering based on proven processes and a commitment to deliver high quality services

We accomplish high quality services based on proven processes, selected engineers and a shared corporate culture, based around a common goal:

“A new challenge every day”.


  • It is with this frame of mind that we carry out the missions entrusted to us. Precision, rigor, leadership and management experience are the key factors which energize, empower and bring out the best in our collaborators.
  • Dedicated to out clients, we maintain a partnership based on high standards and excellence. We are committed to results. With our convictions and our multi-industry experience, we meet even the more complex of expectations.
  • Our collaboration with international companies, leaders in their markets, and our strong growth rate, confirm our belief in our profession with a new approach of engineering.

Our special qualities

  • Expertise of the OPERCOM® method,
  • ICAPS® administration
  • Expertise of organizational systems
  • Adaptation of continuous improvement in project management
  • Backing of the Scientific Committee on Technical Engineering